Permanent Approval from Bar Council of India New Delhi & APSCHE Hyderabad, Permanent Affiliation to S.V. University and Recognized u/s 2(f) & 12B of the U.G.C. Act


The college has got excellent, experienced and dynamic teachers to impart legal education to give in depth legal knowledge and to train the students in such a way to equip with themselves the knowledge of dispute resolution keeping in view the needs of litigants Subject Name of the teacher Designation Qualification
1 Law Dr.N. Janardhana Reddy Principal M.A., LL.M., Ph.D
2 Law Dr.K.N. Gowthami Vice-Principal LL.M., Ph.D
3 Law D.B.Bhargavi Lecturer LL.M.,(Ph.D)
4 Law L.Abhisekhar Lecturer M.L.,(Ph.D)
5 Law V.Sasikala Lecturer M.A., LL.M
6 Law T.Keerthi Lecturer LL.M., (Ph.D)
7 Law K. Parimala devi Lecturer M.A.,, LL.M
8 Law Bharathi.S Lecturer LL.M
9 Law Rajpal Singh Lecturer M.B.A., LL.M.,
10 Law D.Mathews Deva pandian Lecturer B.Co.m .LL.M
11 Law M.Murali Lecturer B.A., LL.M
12 Law Naresh Babu.K Lecturer B.A., LL.M
13 Law Dayanidhi.M Lecturer B.A., LL.M
14 Law Swaroopalakashmi.M.B Lecturer LL.M
15 Law Sheik Abdullan.M.S.S Lecturer B.A., LL.M.,
16 Law O.R. Sandhya Lecturer B.A.,LL.M
17 Law S. Lakshmi Lecturer B.L.M.L.,
18 History Venkatramana Reddy.N Lecturer M.A., B.Ed.
19 Economics Payani.k Lecturer M.A., B.Ed
20 Sociology Saritha.L Lecturer M.A. (Soci) M.B.A
21 Political Science Dilli Babu.S Lecturer B.A., M.A
22 English Srinivasan. K Lecturer B.A., M.A

A part from full-time teaching faculty, we have also appointed adjunct faculty for teaching substantive and procedural laws covering the syllabi. we have also appointed Senior Advocates having more than 10 years experience to give professional training in procedural technicalities in the advocacy and also exposing the students to the moot problems as well as the actual practice.

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