Permanent Approval from Bar Council of India New Delhi & APSCHE Hyderabad, Permanent Affiliation to S.V. University and Recognized u/s 2(f) & 12B of the U.G.C. Act

NON – TEACHING STAFF Name of the teacher Designation Qualification
1 Ravi Ravuri Management Incharge B.A.
2 Smt. Pallavi.T.M Librarian B.Li.Sc (M. Li. Sc.)
3 Smt. L. Saritha Clerk M.A. (Soci) M.B.A
4 Mr. K.S. Murali Mohan Computer Operator M.B.A.
5 Mr. T. Ramesh Junior Asst. M.B.A.
6 Smt. Santhamma Attender Tenth

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